Reiss School Motivation Profile®
The Reiss School Motivation Profile® (RSMP) is a standardized, comprehensive assessment of a student's psychological needs, interests, motives, and life goals. The instrument is available in both English and Spanish.

Use: The RSMP assesses 13 needs relevant to academic achievement, mindset, interpersonal relationships, and career interests. School psychologists use the results to identify motivational reasons for poor grades and inappropriate behavior not related to a disability - and to plan effective interventions tailored to the student's individual needs. Teachers use the results to implement successful strategies to promote a positive mindset. School counselors use the results to offer thoughtful advice to students about future career choices.

Ages: The RSMP can be used with middle school, high school, or college students. Minimum age is 12 years.

Length: The RSMP is a 104-item self-report questionnaire. Students can complete either a paper-and-pencil test form or an online test form. Administration time is about 15 minutes.

Scoring: Both instruments are scored via Internet.

Results: You receive a color-coded bar graph with standard scores that show the importance of each of 13 needs:

     • Acceptance, the need for approval/positive mindset
     • Curiosity, the need to think
     • Family, the need to spend time with family
     • Honor, the need for character
     • Idealism, the need to improve society
     • Independence, the need for personal freedom
     • Order, the need for structure
     • Physical Activity, the need for exercise
     • Power, the need for self-efficacy
     • Social Contact, the need for friends
     • Status, the need for respect
     • Tranquility, the need for safety
     • Vengeance, the need to fight back

The report that accompanies the graph discusses what each result means including implications for instructional strategies, intervention plans, and parent involvement. The report has no technical jargon and thus is easily understood by most parents.

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